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  • A Portable Waste Treatment Plant will be installed
  • Water for the complex will be supplied by 3 existing boreholes. The Boreholes have been tested and are adequate
  • An internal ring road is designed to link all the buildings together.
  • The electrical articulation is supported by a main transformer and two sub-transformers
  • Required emergency electricity supplied by generators wherever necessary
Storm water
  • An underground water storage facility will be erected to manage storm and surplus water. The water harvested will be used for gardening as well as any other requirements
IT Reticulation
  • The Village will be interconnected with the local intranet and internet as well as any other controlling measures
  • ITC will manage the control of
    • Security system
    • Power distribution
    • Cooling system
    • Fire detection and suppression
    • Electrical reticulation
    • Communication
    • Education
    • Medical information
    • Databases
    • Finance